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evoture have led the development of a new commerce-based Web site for niche retailer Aquarius Organics. While listing only a few products currently, Aquarius Organics wanted a professional commerce solution that was flexible and scalable enough to grow with their business. evoture Commerce delivers all of this. Quick and intuitive to use, they have been able to expand into e-commerce with minimal training and expense, and so can quickly reap the rewards that this sales channel provides.

In addition to the actual commerce solution, Aquarius Organics have utilised our high-quality hosting services, so they can be confident that they are providing the very best levels of reliability and responsiveness to their customers, wherever and whenever they want to shop.

evoture have also provide consultancy regarding the selection of the most appropriate credit card payment provider for their particular circusmstances, and e-marketing services to maximise the visibility of the Aquarius Organics site across major search engines and other media.

Visit the Aquarius Organics site.

Key features

Some of the key features that this implementation has provided include:

- Tailored design to support the Aquarius Organics brand.

- Quick and easy managment of products and orders.

- Flexible categories and site structure.

- High quality hosting.

- e-marketing services to maximise site exposure.

What the solution delivers…

Rosemary Brambill, proprietor of Aquarius Organics, says "I'm over the moon with the site, and really excited about all the great things I'm going to be able to do with it. It's all very easy to use, even for a novice like me!"


Aquarius Organics site is based around a standard deployment of evoture Commerce, our Enterprise level, J2EE e-commerce solution. The flexibility of the templating structure within evoture Commerce allows for a professional, bespoke design to be implemented on top of the core solution features, without the need to either restrict the design options or make code changes to support the chosen design. This design freedom is one of the key benefits of the evoture Commerce architecture.

Based on an Enterprise level J2EE architecture, the solution is very fast and scalable, especially when combined with our high quality hosting environment. It also provides class-leading reliability, so you should never miss out on a sale because the site wasn't available for customers.

Next steps

Contact us now and let us explore with you how you can quickly utilise the power of the Web and evoture Commerce to generate new revenue and lower your overheads.