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evoture Commerce delivers the goods for Lulu's Gifts! When evoture were originally approached to discuss the technical implementation of the Lulu's site, it was clear that Lulu's would have a very distinct brand, and be very much design-led. This ruled out the use of many e-commerce solutions, as they would have been too rigid to adequately support the design flexibility that would be required. evoture Commerce was ideal, however, as the distinct separation of the commerce logic from the site presentation allowed us to meet all of the design requirements, in a seamless fashion.

The flexibility of evoture-Commerce is complemented by the work of enotions, who led the visual design and selected evoture to be their technical development partner. We had worked together on previous projects, and so enotions had full confidence that we could deliver on our promises. In fact, we managed to exceed their expectations in many areas, and deliver a site that everyone can be proud of.

evoture recently migrated the Lulu's site to our own dedicated hosting infrastructure. We were able to perform the migration seamlessly, with zero downtime, and the site has had no outages since the move. This provides further evidence of our commitment to the absolute highest levels of service and customer satisfaction!

Visit the Lulu's site.

Key features

Some of the key features that this implementation has provided include:

- Tailored design to support the distinct Lulu's brand.

- Flexible layout templates, allowing frequent design refreshes with minimum effort.

- Extremely easy administration of a large product portfolio.

- Access to international markets, with orders having been received from across Europe and the US.

- High quality hosting.

What the solution delivers…

The Lulu's Gifts site has been a big success, with coverage in several major magazines. This success has allowed Lulu's to expand from a pure e-commerce business, and they have now opened a shop in Lymington.


The Lulu's Gifts site is based around a standard deployment of evoture Commerce, our Enterprise level, J2EE e-commerce solution. The flexibility of the templating structure within evoture Commerce allows for a professional, bespoke design to be implemented on top of the core solution features, without the need to either restrict the design options or make code changes to support the chosen design. This design freedom is one of the key benefits of the evoture Commerce architecture.

Based on an Enterprise level J2EE architecture, the solution is very fast and scalable, especially when combined with a high quality hosting environment. It also provides class-leading reliability, so you should never miss out on a sale because the site wasn't available for customers.

Next steps

Contact us now and let us explore with you how you can quickly utilise the power of the Web and evoture Commerce to generate new revenue and lower your overheads.