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evoture, in conjunction with design partners Jude Creative Media (JCM), have developed the new UKCRN Web site to be attractive, simple to use, and easy to update. We utilised the Magnolia Open Source Content Management system to underpin the entire solution, allowing UKCRN to deliver consistent and up-to-date content across the site.

UKCRN content authors can now add and update content quickly and intuitively, using a simple Web browser interface. We agreed an appropriate Information Architecture to create the site around, but with the flexibility to add and remove sections within the site at will. All navigation elements are automatically generated, ensuring better consistency across the site, with less effort for the authors.

A key requirement from UKCRN was to provide a site that is fully accessible to people with disabilities, and we have been able exceed our brief by achieving AAA compliance, the highest level of compliance set out by the W3C. Extensive testing was also undertaken to ensure that the site looks and behaves appropriately on the majority of platforms and browsers in use today.

Visit the UKCRN site.

Key features

Some of the key features that this implementation has provided include:

- Automatically generated navigation and breadcrumb trail.

- Discussion Forums.

- Site-wide searching.

- Document Library, for single-source access to commonly referenced documents.

- News management, with automatically generated 'latest' and 'archive' sections.

- User management integrated with shared UKCRN Contents Database system.

What the solution delivers…

UKCRN are now in total control of their Web site, via a simple Web based user interface.  The latest news, clinical trials and research documents can now be accessed by researchers, staff and the public alike.


The system is currently split across two servers; one for authors to create and preview content, and the other a live Web server shared with other Web applications. It is fully scalable for future requirements, however, and additional Web servers can be brought online quickly and easily, as required.

The integration with UKCRN's Contacts Database system allows a single point of administration for all of UKCRN's Web applications. Users are created once, and assigned to appropriate groups and roles to enable appropriate access to the different systems. Our seamless integration confirms that a user has the appropriate rights to view a content page or perform an editing operation, and if not they are redirected to the Contacts Database login.

Next steps

Contact us now and let us explore with you how you can develop and effectively maintain a content rich Web site.