It’s no good having a great e-business solution if nobody knows about it! e-marketing looks to address this vital issue, and can take many forms.

One of the most common of these is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and looks at making sure your information and message can be easily found by Web users. It is a very challenging area to work in, and requires in-depth knowledge of the way in which the different search engines work, and how each of them rank pages alongside one another. This can be a minefield, and requires constant attention to ensure you maintain your ranking over time, so it makes sense to utilise experts in the field - us!

The second form of e-marketing that is commonly used falls under the umbrella of paid-for listings, whether it involves paid listings within search engines, Web directories, or via 'banner' advertising within other people's sites. We have the expertise to analyse your target markets and devise a paid marketing plan that will reap the optimum rewards for your organisation.

Both of these are a great start, but are not the sum total of effective e-marketing. A number of traditional techniques come into play, such as consistent branding and referencing of your online materials via traditional channels, such as print.

Our team includes specialists in all of these areas, so we can get maximum value from the investments you have made in e-business solutions.

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