High profile clinical referrals system launched for Northamptonshire GPs


evoture have just lauched the first phase of a new high profile clinical referrals system, called PathFinder, in partnership with Nene Commisioning, Northamptonshire Provider Services and NHS Northamptonshire. This Web-based system provides GPs across Northamptonshire with up-to-date clinical guidance and best-practice information, along with the ability to create referrals for specific conditions. Referrals are entered into a forms processing interface, with tailored forms for each condition, and then generated as documents with all relevant patient information merged from their patient record. This approach aims to streamline the process of creating referrals, as well as validating that all required criteria are met.


Further phases of development are planned, with more features and capabilities to further enhance the solution and maximise the value it gives to both GPs and patients.