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What is it?

Most oganisations produce documents, lots and lots of documents! It can be difficult to keep track of them, and to find them again when you need to. If you have multiple people collaborating on those documents the headaches can become even greater. Document Management systems ease this burden by automatically tracking the documents you produce, controlling who works on them, and allowing you to access older versions when you need to.

Our team have experience of many different document management systems, both Open Source and commercial offerings from a range of vendors. They have implemented document and process management solutions for Oracle/Peoplesoft/JD Edwards customers including: ADT, Costco, Wedgwood and Arcadia Group.

What are the benefits to you?

Just some of the benefits include:

- Single source, one stop 'library' for your company.

- Support auditability and conformance.

- Add new folders and documents at will.

- Full version history of document changes automatically maintained.

- Search more easily across documents to find what you're looking for.

- Sophisticated, yet easy to use security, restricts access to sensitive documents.

- Scalable solution to support your future needs.

What the solution delivers…

This simple to use solution means:

- Minimal training requirement.

- Manage documents within your browser.

- No expensive software required on your office PCs.

- Secure and accessible from a PC with just Web access.


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